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District Maps of Turkish Presidential Election 2014

Before presenting the results, I would like to note that to the best of my knowledge there was no district (‘ilce’) level maps of Turkish local elections that was held in March, 2014 (other than mine). Beyond creating the election results, I also had made some analysis and comparisons here, and now I’ll continue from where I left off, i.e. with the the Turkish presidential election held in August 2014.

You can read about this elections on Wikipedia.

Election results data used in these maps are scraped from TRT election results web page by @CilekAgaciDev whom also employed a nice algorithm on this data to show the vote shifts with respect to the recent local elections. Regarding to the district regions, I edited and used the KML shape file of 2009 local election map made available here by Google/CIHAN.

The winners of the districts

Erdogan, Ihsanoglu, Demirtas




Ihsanoglu theĀ ‘joint’ candidate

Fourteen parties announced that they would support candidate Prof.Dr.Ihsanoglu (in his run for presidency) who was nominated by the two main opposition parties CHP and MHP. The full list of parties by presidential candidates is provided in the Wikipedia; however, it appears that the supporters of the parties were not loyal to their ‘HQ’ in this election (among ~960 districts):

  • In 166 districts, MHP alone had more share in the local elections than what Ihsanoglu got in this elections.
  • Not as many as MHP, but again in 72 districts, CHP alone had a higher share in the local elections (than Ihsanoglu’s share in this elections).
  • Only in 186 districts, Ihsanoglu got more share than what MHP + CHP got in the past local elections.

Ihsanoglu – MHP

Ihsanoglu – CHP

(CHP + MHP) – Ihsanoglu

Data and Map can be seen and downloaded here