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Groups & Turkish Media

This study is built upon the data we collected for Turkish Media Clustering. This extension is two folds, we first look at the media preference of five major groups in Turkey; second, we visualize the group descriptiveness of the media. We selected two twitter accounts for each group and got the union of the follower IDs of these two and name them as following:

  • Ak Party: ‘AKKULIS’, ‘AkTanitimMedya’
  • CHP: ‘CHP_online’, ‘herkesicinCHP’
  • MHP: ‘MHP_Bilgi’, ‘Ulku_Ocaklari’
  • BDP: ‘BDPgenelmerkez’, ‘HDP_Kongre’
  • Hizmet (Gulen Movement): ‘FGulencomTR’, ‘Herkul_Nagme’